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 Freema Agyeman
will play medical student Martha Jones in the 2007 season of Doctor Who


Born: 1980, London

you can contact Freema c/o JLM, 259, Acton Lane, London, W4 5DG

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imdb entry ~ wikipeadia entry

"What may be of interest first and foremost to the Crossroads people is that Freema herself was hooked on the 2001 incarnation of the show! Such was her fandom that she could tell the returning cast their own storylines (it says here).

Freema Agyeman may sound like a relative newcomer to the acting profession but it's so far from the truth. She went to Middlesex University and came away with a BA Honours in Performning Arts and Drama and spent the summer of 1996 in a theatre summer school. Also, Freema studied at Radford University in Virginia, in the United States of America. Since then she has acquired a huge list of theatre spots, film and dance credits to her name. She is a member of the Islington Arts Factory.

This girl is also very flexible, with an ear for accents (her native one is London) and can do Australian and Liverpudlian accents as well. She can also do basic martial arts, horse riding and basic gymnastic skills! Don't cross her!"

from: Planet Crossroads

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