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Welcome to the Doctor Who Yahoo Autograph Group, a site dedicated to the collection of Doctor Who autographs.

Here you will find contact addresses for actors who have appeared in the new series of Doctor Who and spinoff series Torchwood.

Contact addresses for actors who have appeared in the classic series of Doctor Who and Big Finish audio productions will also become available.

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Benefits of Joining DWYAG:
Over 100 enteries in the "2005" database
Over 120 eteries in the "2006" database
Over 1000 enteries in the "classic" database
If an address is not in the database, one of the members will probably know it.

Latest Successes

Useful addresses:
BBC TV, Television Centre, Wood Lane, London. W12 7RJ
BBC Wales, Broadcasting House, Llandaff, Cardiff. CF5 2YQ
The Spotlight, 7 Leicester Place, London. WC2H 7RJ
Equity, Guild House, Upper St Martin's Lane, London. WC2H 9EG

Address of the Month

John Simm, c/o ICM, Oxford House, 76, Oxford Street, London. W1D 1BS

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  London Cast Guide [Savefile.com]


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Old News

 I have come across a new address for Janet Fielding: c/o IAD, Mezzanine Fl, 235 Regent Street, London. W1R 8AX